Looking for information about Naught for Hire?
It's not actually spelled Not for Hire--it's Naught for Hire.
Here is where you can find out about the adventures of Nick Naught, Private Detective.

The official Naught for Hire website.

The Naught for Hire Facebook page.

The Naught for Hire Twitter feed.

The John E. Stith website. (Stith is the author of the original Nick Naught private eye stories that appeared in Analog--collected in the book All for Naught--(paperback) (kindle) and the co-author of the Naught for Hire screenplay.)

The Write Environment, home of Jeffrey Berman, Naught for Hire series producer and co-author of the Naught for Hire screenplay.

Nick Naught roams the mean streets of the near future, a future inhabited by lowest-bidder technology that features cheaply made AIs with speech recognition & synthesis so many devices interact directly with people. These fake headlines give a feel for technology run amuck in this comically dysfunctional future.

    US Apologizes to Canada for Nuke Snafu. Adds "Hey, it's not like it went off"

    Roomba Lawnmower Runs Amuck: Mows "Bite Me" in Giant Letters

    Stadium Seatwarmers Recalled for Exploding Batteries. Dubbed "The Fire Down Below"